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         Rustic & Reclaimed.

Our story so far...

Geoff here, Founder of Rustic & Reclaimed, firstly welcome! It may be your first visit to R&R, so thank-you for taking the time to visit our website and hopefully find the furniture piece you are looking for. So lets start at the beginning, it always good i think it’s good to fill in the blanks, put a bit more meat on the bones, so to speak, so I want to share my story behind bringing R&R to life….

The seedlings

The origins of Rustic & Reclaimed go way back. When growing up, I always had an interest and passion for wood work – we lived in the countryside so I became pretty handy at building tree houses, so may be that had something to do with it. I also studied wood work in school and I’ve always had an eye for the nicer things!

I’ve also always had an entrepreneurial curiosity and been interested in business too. I’ve done the ‘9-5’ (often much later!) for many years for a worldwide distributor and spent many a day travelling to the mainland UK for pointless business meetings, But it never really cut it for me – I’m sure I wasn’t always the best employee, constantly wanting to be doing things in my own right and grumbling.

The dawning

I can’t believe I’m fast approaching 50! So that combined with a real frustration with constant travelling and pointless meetings and throw in the ‘9-5’ grind together with my ever-stronger entrepreneurial learnings, got me thinking!

And they say, somethings are right under your nose, right?! Well, over the past few years I’ve experienced a fair amount of pain, when renting places – I really struggled to find more unique furniture that were value for money, design led yet affordable I love a good deal. I was getting really bored of all the same old stuff from the big UK retailers we’d typically end up at with the masses on a Saturday! Yet I could never bring myself (or afford!) to spend hundreds or even thousands on designer furniture brands.


On top of all this, I’ve been horrified at a couple of big things. Firstly, all the single use plastic waste we create and then the really poor customer service/poor quality products from other online brands, that seem really ‘faceless’. Having worked at a large distributor who focuses on the customer I know what customer service looks like. 

Taking a stand

So as the saying goes ‘if you want something done properly, do it yourself’ together with a lot of soul searching and combining passion and pain, I knew I had to do something! And so, here it is, Rustic & Reclaimed (after much blood, sweat and tear at times!).

We have a simple mission to create Happiness at Home for all of our customers through great, affordable real wood furniture including plastic free and sustainable with honest, exceptional personal service, which you really value.

Thanks for reading and joining us on this journey!

Best wishes,



"Our goal is to provide an excellent customer experience while furnishing your home with real wood for great value and quality products for years to come"

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